What is KeraFactor™ Scalp Stimulating Solution?

After 6 years of extensive research, the KeraFactor™ line of products for thinning hair was introduced, including the KeraFactor™ Scalp Stimulating Solution. Each highly concentrated 50ml bottle of KeraFactor™ Scalp Stimulating Solution contains the proprietary KeraFactor Peptide Complex (KFP™). KFP™ is unique in that it includes 7 Polypeptides that include both specifically selected growth factors and skin proteins to help with hair and scalp health. This patent-pending complex helps to “turn on” weak or resting hair follicles, improve scalp circulation, and add nutrients to help produce thicker, longer healthy-looking hair.

How does it work?

The KeraFactor™ Scalp Stimulating Solution delivers key growth factors and proteins into the scalp that promote significant improvement in scalp health and vascularization- leading to hair revitalization. Extensive studies led us to discover that most patients with thinning hair and baldness lack certain key growth factors. Delivering these growth factors in the right concentrations, with the appropriate bioavailability profile like KFPTM, can result in dramatic improvement.

How do you use the Scalp Stimulating Solution?

Intended to be used daily in the morning and evening, apply the solution with the dropper applicator. Use one dropper directly on the scalp areas of concern, rub the solution vigorously into the scalp. Over time, the growth factors will begin to affect the hair follicles and scalp. The solution is an excellent way for patients to “maintain the gain” achieved from the high potency serum treatments delivered in a medical facility.

How long should one bottle of Scalp Stimulating Solution Last?

If used twice daily, the 50ml bottle of solution should last for one month. If an application is missed there is no need to apply three  doses the next day. Missing solution applications may result in the bottle lasting up to six weeks. If the bottle of solution lasts longer  than six weeks, then the concentration of treatment solution is probably below the recommended daily amount.

What should patients expect?

Assuming that patients follow the treatment protocol as published, patients can expect to start seeing improvement in scalp health,  increase in hair shaft size, and a reduction of the appearance of thin hair. Most people notice a change in the scalp and rate of hair  growth between 3-6 weeks. Due to the length of the hair growth cycle, best results take between 12-18 months. We cannot guarantee  a response for all patients.

Who is NOT a candidate?

Patients with a history of skin cancer on the scalp should not use KeraFactor™ products.

Patients with an active infection on the scalp should not use KeraFactor™ products until a physician determines the infection has  cleared, and it is safe to begin treatment. Any patient who experiences an allergic reaction to KeraFactor™ products should stop using  these products immediately and be examined by a dermatologist.

Patients with scarring alopecia, alopecia areata, frontal fibrosing alopecia, lichen planopilaris, or central centrifugal scarring alopecia  should not use these KeraFactor™ products, as these forms of hair loss are due to underlying disease processes which may not be  amenable to the treatments and have not been tested or evaluated.

Will it look natural?

As KFP™ uses bio identical, synthetic versions of human growth factors, patients who respond will experience a natural progression in improvement and should look quite natural.

What About Hair Transplant Patients?

Hair transplant patients can gain tremendously from the KeraFactor™ program as it helps the transplanted follicles to thrive, as microcirculation is improved by KFP™. In addition, the existing hair remaining on the scalp will start to thicken as well, giving a more even, natural appearance.

What happened to the Scalp Stimulating Spray? Is this Solution the same?

After careful consideration and feedback from our loyal KeraFactor™ customers, we have decided to discontinue our Scalp Stimulating Spray and replace it with a higher concentrated formula. 50ml KeraFactor™ Scalp Stimulating Solution comes with a precision dropper, which allows for more specific and efficient delivery of KFP™ to the scalp and surrounding follicles.

What is the KeraFactor™ Scalp Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner?  

The KeraFactor™ Scalp Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner exfoliates while stimulating the scalp and hair. Providing a pleasant, cooling  sensation, the formula enhances scalp circulation by combining a unique selection of conditioners and growth factors. Continuous use  of KeraFactor™ products will reinvigorate the scalp helping create healthier hair that appears fuller with more body. 

How do you use the KeraFactor™ Scalp Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner? 

Only a pea-sized drop is needed. Create a lather in your hands before massaging into the scalp. Leave on the scalp for one minute  before rinsing. For patients with significant hair, we recommend to use regular shampoo first and then KeraFactor™ second. Use this  product as more of a scalp and hair conditioner than a shampoo wash. 

How long should one bottle of Scalp Stimulating Shampoo Last?  

Each 100ml bottle has enough quantity for a pea-sized drop to be used daily for at least one month. Follow the dosage directions  included.