Getting to the Root Cause

It is essential to find the cause why hair loss is happening. There are many reasons why someone may be experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. 

Types of hair loss that can be treated with KeraFactor:

Androgenetic alopecia: Gradual loss over the crown, frontal recession. In women, retention of the frontal fringe with loss in an oval from crown to front. In men, frontal recession and bald s on the crown.

  • Cannot expect hairs to regrow from completely bald areas because the hair follicles often get some fibrosis.
Telogen effluvium: Sudden hair loss with shedding and significant loss diffusely and not in a pattern. Often 3-6 months after a stressor.
  • Childbirth, COVID, significant illness or hospitalization, low thyroid or low iron stores (ferritin less than 70), or drugs. Usually, rebounds 6-9 months after the loss.
  • Wait until the main shed is done, then start the KeraLase treatments. Patients can start take-home products to support hair and scalp health during shedding.

All other forms of alopecia: need to be seen by a dermatologist, if appropriately managed, maintaining, and/or seeing an improvement, then KeraFactor can help slow the loss and support the restoration of hair. 

Types of hair loss that should be managed by a dermatologist prior to KeraFactor, not an ideal candidate for KeraFactor:

Alopecia areata: Patches of complete loss of hair, often in paisley shapes or round.
  • Autoimmune disease will not respond to stimulation unless other treatments that help reduce inflammation are added. 
Frontal fibrosing alopecia: Frontal hair loss, usually in postmenopausal women, often with small follicular red papules at the advancing edge.
Lichen Planopilaris: can look like patchy hair loss, but biopsy shows inflammation around the hair follicle. FFA is thought to be a variant. 
Trichotillomania: hair pulling. See patches of broken-off hairs.
Scarring alopecia: could be CCCA (central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia) can be seen in many different conditions.
Mixed alopecia: combinations of both