Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle

Understanding the hair growth cycle

Understanding the Hair Growth Cycle

Stage 1 – Hair Follicle Induction

  • Switching from Catagen/Telogen to Anagen Phase 
  • Induction of new follicular bulb 
  • There are two specific growth factors and one skin protein that are most likely responsible for this process that are included in the KFP™ Formula 

Stage 2 – Follicle Formation via Stem Cell Proliferation

  • Increases the amount of growth factors around the induced follicle unit 
  • This process is mainly controlled by 4 separate growth factors
  • The growth factors exhibit similar properties to wound healing , hence why PRP is theorized to help at this early stage, however predicable concentrations of these growth factors limit the consistency of PRP

Stage 3 – Growth of the hair shaft

  • Includes the determination of Hair Density, Length and Color                                              
  • The growth factors responsible like EGF are not usually found in PRP, but are imperative for hair color and thickness 
  • There are also skin proteins expressed at this stage to fuel in reaction of this process

Stage 4 – Microcirculation Maintenance

  • Both Growth factors and particular Skin Proteins and can help to cause Neo- vascularization/angiogenesis around the follicle 
  • Common vaso-dilating skin agents and manual massage are also used during this stage to enhance topical penetration and maintain a healthy scalp circulation                                      
  • Mechanical massage and/or Red Light can also effect scalp circulatory health. (Increasing scalp circulation can help in the absorption of topical products)