3 Tips to Prevent Hair Loss & 1 Tip to Restore Hairs Lost

3 Tips to Prevent Hair Loss & 1 Tip to Restore Hairs Lost

Are you finding it hard to deal with the psychological effects of hair loss? 

Perhaps much of your hair is falling out and making you lose your confidence in the process. It doesn’t have to be like this. 

This guide provides three easy tips anyone can use to prevent further hair loss. 

But if you’re one of the 70 million men and women in the US already suffering from androgenetic alopecia, we’ve included one more tip to help you enhance your hair, stimulate new growth, and restore your crowning glory. 

Tip #1: Maintain a Healthy Diet

Perhaps you don’t know, but what you eat can impact every aspect of your hair health from how well they grow to how strong they are, down to the volume.

The smart thing to do in this case will be to cut down on foods that negatively impact your hair health while taking more of those that can help maintain healthy and fuller hair. But this is only possible when you know which is which. So, the table below should help guide you.

Avoid these foods to prevent hair loss

Eat these foods for healthier, fuller hair


Reduces zinc levels in the body and zinc is important for proper hair growth and volume.


Important sources of biotin and protein both of which are necessary for hair health and growth.


Excess sugar causes poor blood circulation to the hair follicles and can induce scalp inflammation, ultimately causing hair damage. 


Enough antioxidants and vitamin C helps boost iron absorption and collagen production to prevent brittle hair and breakage.

Carbonated drinks, greasy foods, swordfish, dairy products, and refined carbs like pizzas, bread, cakes, pasta, etc.

Spinach, fatty fishes like salmon and herring, seeds, sweet potatoes, avocados, beans, shrimps, oysters, meat, etc.

Tip #2: Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps keep the body healthy and active.

It also helps improve blood circulation to the scalp, ultimately improving your scalp and hair health. Exercise also helps reduce your stress levels as stress is also one of the common culprits for hair loss. 

That said, you should consider washing your hair with shampoo (good shampoos like the KeraFactor Scalp Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner!) after working out as sweat might build up in the scalp during exercise. Swimmers should also consider washing their hairs soon as they’re out of the waters as excess exposure to pool chemicals can trigger hair loss. 

Tip #3: Get Proper Sleep and Relaxation

You might be losing your hair because you’ve been losing your sleep.

You see, proper sleep is necessary for the body’s synthesis of protein. And sleep also plays a role in the body’s stimulation of growth hormones and other hormones. 

While sleep and relaxation are needed to boost hair health and growth, having less of these can drastically increase the body’s stress levels triggering hair loss. As it turns out, getting more rest and sound sleep can help you protect the hair you’ve got. 

Try KeraFactor to Rejuvenate the Hairs You’ve Lost

There are many products on the market promising to help you get your fullness back. Oftentimes, many of these products either fail to work or have significant results. But there are breakthrough products like the KeraFactor line of Scalp Stimulating Products by SkinQRI that are quite effective in treating the most common types of hair loss. 

The KeraFactor line of products was developed by a team of dermatologists. The formula is based on seven (7) polypeptides —hair-boosting protein and growth hormones— wrapped in nano-liposomes to guarantee easy absorption into the scalp. This helps provide the boost your hair needs to become healthier and fuller. 


Adopting a holistic approach works best when dealing with hair loss.

This is why aside from eating healthy, working out, and getting proper sleep, you want to supplement the process with tested and proven treatment products like KeraFactor. 

KeraFactor products help deliver the necessary proteins and growth factors you need to not only prevent hair loss and thinning but also enhance hair health and stimulate rejuvenation. 

It is noteworthy that these products manage to do all of these without being invasive and without the risk of additives like paraben and gluten like most of the subpar hair loss products in the market. Combine a KeraFactor product with a healthy diet, exercise, and proper sleep and relaxation and you can get back your full head of hair as soon as possible.