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The 9 Best Hair Growth Devices, According to Dermatologists

CurrentlyBody and iRestore are the top picks from our hair loss experts.

Thanks to an influx of technology, your hair loss treatment options are no longer limited to just the minoxidil and finasteride that your dad used. Nowadays there are futuristic helmets that bring light-based therapy into the comfort of your home, new products that contain peptides and growth factors and microneedling tools to help get those products deeper into your scalp.

“My main recommendation for at-home hair growth devices is red light therapy (also called low-level laser/light therapy),” says dermatologist and hair loss experts Natalie Kash, MD, co-founder of Root Hair Institute. It’s been well-studied and shown to be effective at treating hair loss, especially the genetic kind. While these gadgets are all promising, “the best devices for hair regrowth should have red light between 620-678nm,” says dermatologist Robert Finney, MD, founder of Soho Skin and Hair Restoration in New York City.


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